Three days of superb glof….eerrr Golf concluded with a victory for Hoppy Dearsley by a slender 3 shot lead from a not so slender Monty Von Monty. The 2016 Bridlington Admirals Cup was presented by last years winner Tony Bryan in the luxurious surroundings of the Bridlington Belevedere Golf Club.

Dearsley was magnanimous in his glowing praise for the rest of the star studded field:

“It was a great field problem was most of the others were in it most of the time !”.


Last years champion Tony Bryan commented

” Weather was great, courses was great, accommodation was accommodation and personally I was pleased that they had repaired the dido rail following last years nasty incident”.


Nigel Carby who was leading the competition until the last 2 holes, when he mysteriously fell into a pond said

“Spawny bloody lucky twat – in the trees out of the trees – 20 foot putts – call that golf !!”



Lord Chilly of Usulam, who was victorious in the Peter Crowhurst Celebration, claimed 3rd place

“I was a little over golfed having played everyday for the last 13 years otherwise I would have done better, probably”.


4th place man Mick Rushall summed up the competition

“Look at the state of them !Handicaps call them handicaps I’ve seen better handicaps on bloody goats ! But I am not bitter , on the other hand yes I am !”