2016 Concessionaires Cup – Delinquents triumph in controversial “We No Pay” Scenario!


2016 Concessionaires Challenge ended in controversy as the losing team “The Concessionaires” refused to pay calling on Rule 31b Clause 17 .

Concessionaires Captain MK Seve quoted the rule book pointing out that the “The rules are quite clear in this situation, and I quote “Os Jogadores com buggy devem cirular nos caminos existententes e respair don’t payos – Okos”

Therefore we have claimed this position and I and the team are perfectly correct to do so.”

Delinquent Captain Mick Rushal was keen to point out ” We won on day 4 and the old twats were a bit confused and wet and cold so they threw everything out of the pram, Rule 31b Clause 17 its bollocks – but don’t print that will you”

Consessionaires 2016

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