2020 What a year ! No Portugal ! 3 Months of Lock Down !


But we managed 28 weeks of Tuesday Golf.


We played the Portugal **Asterisks** Tour in the UK




We went to Bridlington !


So overall a major achievement all round.



Other Highlights:


Nigel had absolutely NO plastic surgery on any part of his head – Result ! well done Nige !!


Young Tony Bryan is getting married ! Well done Tone !


Max is back on the Golf course ! Well done Max !


MK Seve worked out how to use Zoom and Skype – Result !



The Majors 2020.


Portugal **Asterisks** Tour –  Lord Chilly


Bournemouth **Asterisks** Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy  – Lord Chilly


Portugal **Asterisks** Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy – Tony Bryan


2020 Summer Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy – Nigel Carby


Bridlington Peter Crowhurst Trophy – Kevin Shorrocks (Big K)


Bridlington Admiral’s Cup – Tony Bryan


Bridlington Flamborough Head Banger – Tony Bryan


Bridlington **Asterisks** Super Bock Handicap Steaks – Tony Bryan


2020 Race To Bridlington – Tuesday Golf Champion – Lord Chilly


2021 beckons Gentlemen – Portugal Is Booked – Stay Home – Stay Safe – Get Vaccinated – and  Eeeerrrr… Thats it !




Some memories of 2000 and fucking 20:


Jolly Japes at Rugby in February !


Big K’s sliding tackle in very early March.


The Great Bridlington Toilet Roll Rush !



All those fun Tuesday Nights !!! – (Was it Tuesdays ?)


Big K returns triumphant from Portugal !


Nigel wins the Crowhurst in 38 degrees and then disappears ! ?



No one can remember what happened to the Prize money – But no one seems that bothered !!



Chilly takes the Portugal **Asterisks** Tour with the last putt on the last green !!!  All the Dramarama !


Big Tone wins everything (almost) everything in Bridlington and surprisingly everyone got out alive !




Mickey Von Denzel has the last word of 2020 !!!



Stay safe Boys !!!!