News just in from SEVE SPORT, the well known sporting daily, confirms that Mike Bass, (known on the tour as Col Draft), has had to pull out of the Bridlington Admirals Cup due to a Portuguese dangerous driving conviction from 2018.

The conviction, which only came to light recently, bans Mike from going within 200 yards of a fairway.

In his defence his lawyer, MK Seve esq. , stated that:


“Even when Draft is playing golf he has never been within 200 yards of a fairway”.


But the sitting Magistrates were adamant and the conviction was upheld.


This means that the size of the field is now 12.

  Club Handicap Starting Handicap
1 Chilly 16.0 16.0
2 Tony 21.0 21.0
3 Clive 15.0 15.0
4 Mick R 15.0 11.0
5 Nigel 16.0 16.0
6 Kingey 14.0 12.0
7 Mark 20.0 20.0
8 Stewart 18.0 18.0
9 Max 20.0 20.0
10 MK Seve 24.0 24.0
11 Kevin 14.0 12.0
12 Roger 21.0 21.0


MK Seve, CEO of sponsor SEVE BET, was full of praise for Col. Draft:

“This is a trumped up charge if ever I smelt one !

I was actually at the scene of the accident and I blame Tony Bryan.

Mr Bryan, who has previous ! hurled himself in front of Draft’s vehicle in an attempt to injure himself so that he could avoid playing the rest of the tournament !

This is a travesty !

A vicious attack on Draft’s fundamental freedom !

I rest my case !”


Global Logistical Director, Hoppy Dearsley, confirmed that there will now be three 4 Ball groups on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday and on Friday on the Practice and Acclimatisation round at Scarborough South there would be 8 players playing in two 4 balls.



MK Seve also announced that former Champion Nigel Carby had successfully completed his head remodelling and would be playing in this years tournament:


“The only problem is how will we recognise him ?”

See for yourself !