As the 2018 season closes SeveBet today announced the 2019 Portugal Golf Competitions in a major revamp of this prestigious glofing tournament.

“The format for May 2019 remains the same.” said a SeveBet spokes person “In that everyone basically plays golf everyday, but the competitions have changed slightly. Out goes the Extra Specialos Comp and a completely different prize money structure is introduced bringing prizes in for each 9 and 18 holes on a daily basis.”

MK Seve, millionaire philanthropist and Kowal Corporation CEO was upbeat:

“My people have been working on this new competition structure for months now. I would not say it is complicated I would say that it is ridiculously complicated.

I personally had a 2 hour session with three highly paid consultants, and I am quite worn out. Not that that has anything to do with the golf, in fact I don’t know why I mentioned it, don’t print that will you ?”

Shorrocks Industries CEO Big K was on hand to clarify matters:

“Look it’s very simple, the players turn up play golf and the staff and nurses will sort out the prizes, just like on a Tuesday.”

MK Seve continued:

“I am also please to announce the major new competition The Super Bock Handicap Steaks and I welcome our new 2019 sponsors Super Bock, the manufacturers of the world renown sports performance drink.

This competition, which will be played at Vila Sol and Silves, will feature the most accomplished 12 golfers we could find  in the world and should be an exciting addition to this week long event.

More details will be released as soon as we can find someone that knows what is going on, but please bear in mind that the way Brexit is going we may well end up playing at bloody Whitefields”