MK Seve, millionaire founder of SeveBet, that well known on-line betting company (Cash Only please) , today revealed the new “Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy” . The trophy will be  presented to the winner of the first “Peter Crowhurst Celebration” to be played in Portugal next week.


MK Seve commented “This is a major investment for SeveBet. Purchasing the sponsorship rights to this tournament was a huge expense but well worth the investment.  SeveBet shareholders can always rely on me to spend the company’s money wisely and not squander it on booze, fags and loose women , although to be fair I did spend a bit on that but don’t print that will you.

I am particularly proud of our trophy which I commissioned, at huge expense, with “Trophies R Us ” a new company I have just started in Guatemala.

This is a quality trophy manufacturers and not a cheap sweat shop full of poorly paid children as some areas of the filthy left wing press have reported!

I can categorically state that this trophy is a quality product designed by experts and built to the highest standards, not as some other areas of the media would have it, “Just an old whiskey thing nailed to a lump of wood” .

I am hurt and disenchanted every time I read this sort of thing.”

“We at SeveBet are getting very excited about the Portugal Tour I know the players are even now honing their considerable skills. In fact some of them were out last night and were as “Honed as a newt” by the time they had finished.”