It was revealed today by MI6 that the the Kowal Corporation has been involved in “Cyber infiltration” of the Golf Ok website, a well known and loved golfing website which promotes world peace and golf.

Cyber Crime Director at Golf Ok , Clive Hoppy, spoke this evening :

“We were surprised by this “thinly” disguised Cyber attack, the purpose of which seems to be to influence our members to vote for MK Seve ,CEO of The Kowal Corporation, in the forth coming Supreme Being election. Obviously this is a carefully co-ordinated attack using the most sophisticated methods not unlike those used by the Russians and Chinese.”

A spokesperson from the Kowal Corporation who could not remember his name was adamant that MK Seve was completely innocent of any  involvement:

“Outrageous, the Kowal Corporation is above this sort of underhand tactic, no one would tolerate this behaviour in my eerrr this organisation, lets face it its difficult enough to get one of these lazy sods to change the ink in our printer let alone start Cybering all over the shop, I challenge you to make public your evidence !!”

Later in the day an MI6 operative revealed that most of the Cyber attack had originated from MK Seve’s own iPad and some carried his personal e mail address. MK Seve was unavailable for comment a spokesperson said that he had “Gone off to Yorkshire, we think !”