Concessionaires Cup 2014

Concessionaires Cup 2014

Victory in The Concessionaires Cup 2014 for “The Delinquents”.

A victory by 2 points in the battle at Laguna.

“Oh Bollocks” says inaugural  event organiser MK Seve.

“We had hoped to beat the bastards, I don’t know what could have gone wrong”

“Still the wine we bought them was crap anyway, but don’t print that will you!”


Mick Rushall, Captain of The Delinquents Team said “Quality shone through in the end, we were only thankful that none of the old bastards fell in the lagoon, that was probably a highlight.”

“I would like to thank my team for their grit and determination but to be fair I was actually just suprised that they all turned up!”

“Next year we will be favorites, mainly because the old sods will be even older.”












All Scores for the day added together will tell us The Winners

and The Losers

will buy the wine for the Evening Meal.

This competition will be organised by The Minister for Serious Pontification ; The Honorable Sir Seve Mucker Kowal  M.O.T and bar. So any questions, complaints or congratulatory remarkes should be hurled in his general direction.

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