Breaking news today is the announcement that Tony Bryan the 2015 Bridlington Admiral’s Cup winner will be joining the 2018 Portugal tour.

“I am honoured and delighted to join the Portugal Tour, after my last tour win the pressure to perform has never been greater and I have much to thank my local amateur dramatic society for helping me in fulfilling this dream, or nightmare, we shall see.”

Nigel Carby welcomed Tony’s recruitment:

“Got to be good news, he is young, fit (not in that way obviously) and now Dr Biff is out for the year I will have someone reliable to ensure I am tucked up in bed before 5 am !”

Other news coming in is that both  Big Ron’s House of Fun and Crowbar Towers are having reinforced floors installed to cope with Tony’s nocturnal hurtling.


Watch out for “The Rooms of Gloom” coming soon to a golf course in Scarborough !