2015 Golf Costs

As discussed at the Bi Annual meeting of the Sub Sub Committee (Golf Arrangements 2000 – 2098), which was pretty much badly attended cos the football was on, but no matter. A decision was forthcoming calling for an attempt to be made to save money.

The options put forward were :

1. Don’t go

2. Pretend to go but stay in a shed somewhere

3. Find an acceptable alternate package which may save a few pounds

4. Do nothing and carry on

There were 5 other suggestions 2 of which are legal and 1 which is physically impossible so the  vote was taken on the above and Option 4 was unamimusilly carried and got the most votes as well.

The deal from Oceanico which fits the bill is here:

Click here for package details.

It comes out at $526 which is £415 and 1 in 8 goes free so:

Total Cost = 7 * £415 = £2905  (+3% credit card charge = £87.15)

Total = £2992.15  which is £374 per man.

Note: We could save the £87.15 if everyone came up with the dosh up front but in the current financial climate this may not be feasible.)

The Booking will be made after Christmas in January 2015.