13 of the world’s most talented sportsmen took the field on Saturday 15th September to contest the 273rd Bridlington Admiral’s Cup on the hallowed turf of the East Yorkshire coast.

Battle commenced at 1.30 pm at Bridlington Belevedere Golf Club and the crowds turned out in their one’s and two’s , mostly walking their dogs.

The competition was fierce with Dearsley, King and Von Monty leading the field after the first day.

The second round opened with dreadful wind but thankfully Nigel was better after some milk of magnesia.

On the course rain and a very brisk breeze brought what can only be called terror to the intrepid competitors. Tony Bryan’s leg was blown off in a particularly nasty gust but the rest of the field struggled on mostly in the field.

Shorrocks, Carby and Rushal carded points in the thirties whilst the rest of the players faded in the mid twenties and Lord Chilly of Uzerlam was so unlucky that he managed to swallow his own putter in a strange gargling incident and ended up with less than 20 points.

The final day was a foggy affair with visibility down to 200 yards which did not really pose a problem as no one in the competition had ever hit a ball quite that far.

As the final round unfolded Kingy stormed through with an under par round just piping Mick Rushal and Stewy “Biffa” Amos on the day  but Mick  held his slender lead from the first two days  with a steady 36 points to take the 2018 Bridlington Admirals Cup by one point from Kevin Shorrocks:

“I put this victory down to  the fact that I am better than the rest of them !” Commented Mick in a confident tone.

“Look at it this way, there is only so much of the wild and outrageous Bridlington nightlife that a man can take, some of us can hack it, some of us tried hacking it but fell over in the process !.

Personally I feel their preparation has let them down I have been training on Super Bock for 25 years now and my levels of fitness are marginal, which comparatively is magnificent. “

“I am also extremely pleased to have won the Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy, I should have won it last year and the year before but I’m just not as lucky as some of these other spawny twats !”


Stewart “Biffa” Amos the 2017 champion presented the trophy in the Flamborough Head club house and addressed the gathered crowd :


“It is with great pleasure that I pass on the Admiral’s Cup to Mick today as it has been in my shed for 12 months now and frankly I need the space for my stamp collection !”


Kevin Shorrocks picked up the huge cash prize for winning the Flamborough Head Banger, for which, due to an earlier administrative error, there is no trophy.



Kevin Shorrocks the holder of the Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy palming it off presenting it to the 2018 Bridlington champion Mick “Just one shot” Rushal.

Biffa Amos and Mick Rushal displaying their very rare talent of being slightly out of focus most of the time.