Big Money Winners 2018.

Kevin goes from £5 in 2017 to £90 in 2018 in the biggest win ever !

Mick R, Nigel and Kingey clean up in

“The Great Flamborough Golf Robbery 2018 !!”

The Road To Yorkshire 2014 – 18  – Nigel moves into number #1 spot pushing Lord Chilly into 4th place.

Kevin moves from 4th to 2nd and Mick R heads upwards from 11th to 3rd !!


The Road To Yorkshire 2014 – 2018.

Rookies Roger and Max realise the vicious competitors they are up against :

Max speaks:


“I just kept giving money to bloody Dearsley only to discover that he is passing it on to these other twats !”


Roger St Large was less complimentary:


“It is a conspiracy, a travesty, an enigma, a farce, a good weekends golf as well !! Who were those people ? Can we go out for a walk later ?”

The Rt Hon Roger St Large pondering why no one has mowed the greens lately.