Coming from behind is somewhat of a watch word for Lord Chilly of Uzerlam, as most of his eight wives will testify.

Chilly started off the tournament playing like a toilet seat but in the crucial mid tournament rounds his mojo was on fire, with rounds of 30 and 39 points at Silves and Vale da Pinta he clinched the prestigious Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy for the second time.

Lord Chilly previously won the Trophy at Bridlington in Sept 2016.

Second place MK Seve was full of praise:


“Bloody twat, I can’t believe it. two days ago he couldn’t hit a barn door with a bag of rice and then he comes up with 39 points.

I hate inconsistency !

and that other stuff incontinence,

I hate that too !”


The Trophy will be up for grabs again in July 2018.