And don’t forget , just to add to the pressure, this will be a “Rooms Of Gloom” round.

Best score has first pick of rooms , next best second……….. Apart from Sir Robert himself who has secured the en suite with a massive bribe contribution to charity.


Please note that Full English Breakfast will be served at Meyrick Park at 10.45 am.


Final round at Parkstone Golf Club (we hope) will be played in Championship order. Leader out last.

Breakfast or Brunch will be served at Parkstone Golf Club (time to be confirmed).


You may have noticed that the “RJD World Match Play Championship” has been cancelled. This is because it was so complicated that even a very very intelligent person would struggle with the concept. And as we have none of those with us the cancellation was deemed an appropriate move by the Home Affairs and Competitions committee.


Buster Gonad appears courtesy of Viz Comics Inc.

Tony Dearsley is not appearing,  but is now in intensive training for the French Open scheduled for September 2019.