Seve Bet in association with the PGA and Tenna For Men announced important dates today for the 2019 glofing calendar.

In the run up to Portugal 2019 a tentative date for “The Rooms Of Gloom” has been announced as Tuesday 23rd April.

Bridlington 2019 will be held from Friday 13th September through Monday 16th September. (These are now the correct dates)

“I have asked the administration team to get these dates sorted early in order to ensure that the ever growing number of participants have these important tournaments in their calendars.

This stops all the whinging and pathetic “Oh I didn’t know!” later in the year. If we have to move them at a later date , well that’s tough tit !” says MK Seve from his SeveBet HQ somewhere in Yemen.

Bridlington 2019 Starting Handicaps.

Handicap Rules Reminder: