News is leaking out of the incorporation of The Portuguese Open in The Portugal Tour during May 2019.

A spokes person from Shorrocks Industries  said today that The 2019 Portuguese Open would be jointly sponsored by Shorrocks Industries and The Kowal Corporation:


“We are pleased and proud to announce that this joint venture, which has taken minutes months of negotiation and preparation, will take place on Saturday 11th May and Monday 13th May at Vila Sol and Silves golf courses in Portugal’s beautiful Algarve. A field of 12 is expected with prize money in the region of lots and lots!.”


MK Seve and Kevin Shorrocks, known as Big K to his thousands of employees, spoke warmly of future cooperation and shared Super Bock supplies.


“Full details will be published very soon but we are expecting a cracking and competitive tournament, and not the usual hacking about in the rough with foul language and violence.”

MK Seve comments.

“I have full confidence in the Kowal Corporation’s ability to make this a massive success  !”

added Big K.

“Previous cock ups and shambolic arrangements are right out, MK assures me !”


Watch this space for further developments.