At an executive meeting of the Global Golfing Arrangements Committee late on Sunday evening a decision on the venue for the 2019 UK Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy golf tournament was finally finalised.

At a hurriedly prepared press conference Clive Hoppy Dearsley (Inc) announced that the tournament would be held once again at Kibworth Golf Club & Spa Resort.

Apparently, after lengthy negotiations with Biffa Amos , two time winner of the coveted Trophy, it was agreed that a slightly earlier than planned starting time would be acceptable.

Historically  Mr Amos has has arrived at the wrong golf course on a number of occasions and the securing of a suitable and local Sherpa guide was key to the decision making process.

“It was a long and hard negotiation involving some of the most powerful executives in the golfing world, MK Seve of SEVE BET and Big K owner of Shorrocks industries to name but a few.”

Said Hoppy Dearsley at the early morning gathering.

“But we have now secured an 11.50 am starting time  with our last group teeing off at 12.30 so what could possibly go wrong ?”

The final number of competitors has yet to be announced but already a field of 16 players, many of whom took part in this years Super Bock Handicap Steaks in Portugal, are likely to be playing.

Sadly , it was announced that, Nigel Carby, World renowned Golfing and Lifestyle Guru and founder of  the “Wind Power for the Masses (whether they like it or not)” campaign, would not be entering the competition this year.

Nigel’s spokes person revealed that following on from Mr Carby’s major head overhaul 2 years ago it had now become necessary for him to have his whole body removed and replaced with another one.

Details were not forth coming on where the new one was coming from but rumours are already circulating that Liam Kowal twin brother of the champion golfer Ryan Kowal has not been seen for some considerable time and local detectives are concerned. Nigel’s spokes person was keen to deny any connection between the two events.


The 2019 UK Peter Crowhurst

Friday 26th July

Kibworth Golf Club and Health Spa

1st Tee 11.50 am.

Massive Cash Prizes

(It’s not the winning it’s the taking part ! No it’s not !)


List of Competitors (To be confirmed)

Player Hcp
Stewart 18
MK Seve 24
George 17
Monty 17
Kev D 18
Clive 15
Kevin S 14
Tony 22
Dan 16
Chilly 16
Mick R 21
Kingy 14
Mark 19
Max 21
Mike Draft 24
Roger 21