On a blustery British summer’s day the munificent seven kindly donated a number of balls to the course.

Chilly and Roger were, seemingly unaffected by the wind as they languished in the Doldrums for most of the round.

At Beedles Lakes, Magic Mike, stripped of his ………inhibitions ignored the wind to score a fine 39 points.

Max and Aldo, with 33 & 32 points, were 2nd & 3rd.

The par 3’s were proving tricky for all but Mr T.

The team game was won by Mike, with a very little assistance from Chilly and Charlie, who carded a remarkable 5 pointer.

Aldo was heard to mutter “I’ve lost 80p on the day and I still lose a shot” and then something in Italian which I think questioned Clive’s lineage.

The course was a pleasure to  play and deemed a success by all.

Next week we’ll be playing Rugby…..cricket, football, anything but bloody golf!

Don’t lick yer balls!

Words from our new Sports Desk Editor.