After further mathematical and statistical calculation the committee has added, what is hoped to be, the final amendment (see new Rule 9).

No more amendments until November.


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3rd Amendment 17-10-19

1. A score of 32 to 36 points no change.

2. A score of less than 32 . Increased Handicap of 0.2 for every point less than 32.(Example: 28 points would be an increase of 0.6 (3 points times 0.2).

3. BUT If a player is 1st 2nd or 3rd No Increased in Handicap.

4. Maximum Handicap 28

5. A Score of more than 36 points. 0.6 per shot over 36. (Example: 38 points would see a reduction of 1.2 shot (2 points times 0.6)

6. 2 wins in 3 weeks drop 2 shots

7. Two 2nd or 3rd places in 4 weeks drop a shot

8. 4 consecutive weeks in buffer zone drop a shot

Rules 6, 7 and 8 are cumulative. Example if a player has 2 wins in 3 weeks AND 4 consecutive weeks in buffer zone then the player will drop 3 shots etc.

9. If a player wins money (ie. 1st 2nd or 3rd or joint 1st 2nd or 3rd) Handicap reduced by 1 shot. This is cumulative and additional to all the above rules.

Prize Money.

Rather than front 9 back 9 and 18, in order to spread the money and enhance our enjoyment, the prize money will be split as follow:

£5 entry Fee

£1 into Par 3 fund

£1 Into Team Prize

£3 Into Prize Pot

1st Prize 50% of the Pot

2nd Prize 30% of the Pot

3rd Prize 20% of the Pot

Example :

9 Players are playing: Total Prize Fund = £45

£9 Par 3 Pot – Split between players who win a nearest the pin.

£9 Team prize for best TOTAL team score (or average)

Individual Prizes:

1st Prize = £13.50

2nd Prize = £8.00

3rd Prize = £5.50

Individual prize pool will be split 1, 2 or 3 ways if there are ties. No Count Back will be applied.