As your revered chairman of the Rugby and Southwell golf association I would like to give notice of a special EGM breakfast to be held on Friday May 5th in the Cafe Au Lait restaurant, Old Village, Villamoura at 11am as a suggested time.

The main subject matter will concentrate on next years venue. Brother Clive has had to endure the full wrath of the ignorant Portugese in trying to arrange our golf tournament. They don’t deserve him. Nobody does.
I have the pertinent up to date brochures that allows us to view and debate alternative venues.

We may want to stay in Portugal for our golf, it’s up to you, and everybody will have a vote.
One man, one vote.

But we also have a problem with that.

Nigel is going through a face reconstruction. Who will he be when we meet him next? George Clooney, Richard Gere, Wilfred Bramble?

Remember use your vote or lose it!

Chairman Muk. (MK Seve all rights reserved)