Are we back on Tuesday golf ?

Are we going to Bridlington ?

Will Portugal 2021 happen ?


These are the questions !

Who has the answers ?



MK Seve speaks :


“Is it on ?  Can you see me ? I bloody hate this Zoomba rubbish !

Ah there we are. Now listen !


Gentlemen of the press and Golfers everywhere and the people I know, welcome one and all to the SEVE BET news update.


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who sent me gifts and messages during lock down, you are all very kind.

Some of the gifts, I am sad to say, are now with the Police and no doubt the senders will be hearing from the authorities in the near future.


Meanwhile , what news of the Tour, I hear you ask ?


Well. Big K has returned from Portugal safely and Max is looking good and young Tony has announced his Wedding plans for 2021.

Eventful times !


Hoppy Dearsley reports that limited Tuesday golf could be re starting next week but without post match drinks but instead, a Zoom call ! Whatever that is?


There is much talk about whether Bridlington will go ahead or not. So far accommodation has been reserved and a final decision will be made in August when the green fees have to be paid.


Planning has also now commenced for Portugal in 2021,

its all happening here !



Why has the screen gone off !!!!

What’s that !

For F—k’s sake…………………………………………


Watch this space for more news.