Dear Mo,

I have recently heard that President Trump is banning all Muslims from entering the USA. This of course is shocking, but I think he has made a bit of an error.

He says that he will build a wall between Mexico and the US to stop people walking across the border, BUT, I hear that he hasn’t built it yet and apparently it will take at least a month !

Meanwhile he has not realised that if you are a Muslim and you want to dash into the US and do nasty things all you have to do is fly into Mexico City, jump on a bus to the border and hey presto , nip over into the USA.

These yanks really are a bit stupid.

My wife thinks this is a great idea and we are flying off to Mexico tomorrow to try it out for ourselves. Our next door neighbours Mr & Mrs Kumar are both Muslims and they think it would be great fun to try it out so they are coming with us.

Just to make it a bit more authentic my wife has suggested we purchase a couple of assault rifles, AK47’s will do, in Mexico City and perhaps some Semtex if we can find some in the 7-11.

Eric in the pub says we are foolish and as thick as piss and that we will be captured and waterboarded by the CIA.

But my wife thinks Eric is just a big spoil sport and she says that if we are caught we will just tell them it was all a bit of fun.

How do you think we will get on ?

Best regards,

Eric Trump (no relation) , full address supplied.



Dear Eric,

What a great idea.

Your friend Eric may actually have a point but hey ho enjoy Mexico.

Bonne Chance


Ps. Whilst in Mexico City please look up Frank Villa I used to know his grand father, give him my best.

When even one American – who has done nothing wrong – is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth – then all Americans are in peril.

Harry S Truman

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