The 13 man field is about to be announced for the prestigious Bridlington Admiral’s Cup 2018. Massive prize money is at stake and Tee times have finally been secured.

Last years Champion Stewart “Biffa” Amos was ebullient when he spoke to the press earlier today:

“I’m back big style !” Stewart stated:

“My swing is good, my driving is good and my short game is fantastic but the old problem is still with me, if I could only find my way to the right golf course on time I would be unbeatable !”

Golfing Guru and former Portugal Tour winner Nigel Carby was upbeat about the tournament:

“Since I had my head rebuilt last year there has been no looking back for me. That’s because I can’t move my neck round very far, but lets move on shall we.  This year I must be the strong favourite ! Look at me ! Well OK then don’t ! The handicap committee have been particularly aggressive with my handicap, yet again.

Just because I am a member at the Mount Everest Base Camp Club, Himalayas, Nepal, does not mean I have any advantage over the other players.

My club handicap of 24 is just right for a man of my talents, just because my club has 3 par 5’s of over 2000 yards at an elevation of 23,000 feet is not the point.

Sherpa Tensing, my caddy, can vouch for me at any time, when he is back from attempting the summit, or the 16th as we call it, next June.

Personally I am outraged !”

Event sponsor MK Seve, well loved dictator and despot, was quick to point out the great attributes of the Bridlington Admiral’s Cup competition:

“This gentlemen is the culmination of my own personal investment and hard work over the last eeerrrr… hour or so.

The coming together of so much talent is staggering, as are the contestants.

As Nelson Mandela said before the battle of Trafalgar in 1963:

“On ward you idiots ! Get yer clubs, get your arses to Yorkshire and play bloody golf !”

And I tell you now that message is as relevant today as it was yesterday and tomorrow as well !”

Set out below are details of the entry fees and prizes and the “NEW” handicap rules.

Playing order and accommodation details will follow, probably.