“Brutal !” was the cry as 12, no 14, no 11, no……………… aaah ! players stepped out on to the 1st tee at Bridlington Golf Club ready to compete in the 2019 Admiral’s Cup.


Even before the event had started, Max (for it is he), had to withdraw due to troublesome leg amputation and before the end of the first 18 holes Sir Roger Large had to be pulled up with a nasty groin injury.

Even so the two extra players who had randomly joined in seemed to be happy and donated £10 to the prize fund which appeared  to make all concerned very pleased.


MK Seve Tournament sponsor greeted the players on the first tee:

“Oi you lot ! These new blokes are with me so be nice to them or else !”

Interestingly the two chaps were actually never seen again.

As the competition unfolded it became clear that Kevin S , better known as Big K, was actually the only golfer to turn up for the occasion, although young Tony Bryan, a former winner , and Mr Micheal King did, for a few fleeting moments, look like they were in with a chance. But it was a fleeting moment.


As ever class prevailed and Kevin took the Admiral’s Cup by a single stroke from Tony with Mr King in 3rd and Uncle Nigel knocking Hoppy Dearsley into 5th place on a recount.

Big K summed up the feelings of the exhausted players when he addressed the throng :

“Well done one and all, and in particular me !  I came I saw and I conquered ! Simple !”


And with that, snatching up the Admiral’s Cup, he was off !



Other honours were awarded at the prize giving ceremony, Tony Bryan won the Flamborough Head Banger and was suitably disappointed that once again there was no trophy, and Sir Micheal King won the prestigious Pete Crowhurst Celebration Trophy, his first win of this coveted award.



On going discussion are now taking place on deciding the venues for next years event.



Some suggestions from the players have been forthcoming, one in particular , put forward by 2 former champions Mick Rushall and Stewart Amos of “Can we not just go to a Pub and stay there for 3 days” are being taken into serious consideration, apparently.



Full Results Below: