Coming Soon Doctor Biff Speaks!

Doctor Theodore McFarland Biff(a) MD Hons, GUR, TLBs has agreed to join the Golf OK  Editorial Team in the role of “Medical Adviser” taking responsibility for golfing injuries, mental and stress related problems and incontinence issues.

This is a massive win for Golf Ok. Dr Biff says “I have taken medicine in New Delhi, New York, Berlin, London, Cairo and many other cities” asked if he had attended the universities Dr Biff said “No , I have been a very sick boy!”

Watch this place for “Dr Biff Speaks” coming soon !


Do you have a Golf related medical problem write to “Dr Biff Speaks” for considered advice, a helping hand and most of all someone who gives a shit!

Click here to contact Dr Biff Speaks !

dr biff