Concessionaires 2016 – Let Battle Commence !

Inaugurated in 2014 by the early adopter of the Concessionaires life style MK Seve and now in it’s 3rd great year The Concessionaires Cup epitomises the epic struggle between Youth and Experience.

The level of commitment to this particular competition can only be gauged by the fact that there is in fact no Cup, but still  the bitter rivalry and competitive spirit can only be described as at a fairly high level.

The driving force which will keep these 8 athletes on their metal for every round of the tumultuous battle is the thought of having to put their hands in their pockets to buy the others idiots some wine.

Fine motivation indeed.

“Let loose the dogs of war ! Cry for Harry and England” and is this a gimme ?


Let battle commence !

Consessionaires vs 2016