Concessionaires 2017 – Slop joins the Old Boys!

By popular demand the Portuguese 2017 Concessionaires Cup has been scrapped is once again a set to take place in Vilamoura and the surrounding countryside as this much loved event hits its 4th Year.

Always a controversial event, although there has been less violence in recent years, the Concessionaires Cup is a battle between youth and experience or wisdom versus complete fucking idiots.

The Delinquents currently hold the cup although it is felt, in golfing circles, that their grip on the non existent trophy is pretty flimsy.

This year a new yet famous name moves into the ranks of the distinguished Concessionaires, Michael Rushal or “Slops” as he is affectionately known by the thousands of adoring fans three people who actually care, moves along side the wise and talented MK Seve (Capt) , Hoppy the Incontinent and Sir Michael King of Wingeville. Taking their place in the Delinquents team, where youth and exuberance have given way to complete mayhem are Lord Chilly of Uzerlam taking over the Captains role, Stewy von Biffa, Monty Monty (So good they named him twice) and of course the recently rebuilt Nigel (The Young Turk) Carby.

2014 – The Delinquents

2015 –  The Mighty Concessionaires

2016 – The Delinquents

Summing up the competition Concessionaires Captain and well known millionaire MK Seve said:

“Look this is all very serious. We don’t really like the young twats, you know they mess about , no attention span, no concentration. Last year we should have won but well you know how……..”

“What was the question again ?”

The competition kicks off on 2nd May 2017 at Pinal Golf Club, coverage as always will be beamed live to all  SeveBets high street outlets with highlights on Sky Sports HD 3 if you are very lucky.