Concessionaires Cup 2015


The Concessionaires Cup 2015.


The Mighty Concessionaires vs The Delinquents

This year stretched over 5 glorious days

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Everyone will play a singles stapleford comp against a nominated opponent

So basically you just play as normal

Winner gets 1 Point

Loser gets 0 Points

4 points available each day for first 4 days

Count back will be on the Back 9 – Then 0.5 point each

On day 6, the final day , it will be ALL Team scores added together with 5 points available

No matches on Day 5, Monday,  too complicated.

As the Conference Pairs is also being played no one will be playing with and against the same person, else it would be silly (or sillier)

Individual Matches 1 Point for a  Win, 0 Points for a Loss, 0.5 points for a Half. You won’t have to work anything out “The Computer” will do the mathematics and sums etc.

Cocession matches

On the Final Day ALL Team scores will be added together with an overall scoring of 5 Points for the Win, 0 Points for a Loss, 2.5 points for the Half.