Unveiled today the refurbished, extended and updated Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy.

Designer, sponsor and renown Philanthropist MK Seve of SEVE BET was pleased and somewhat proud as the Trophy was fully revealed today:

“Well here it is  !” said MK.  “Glorious ! and if I may say so a work of Art ! “

“My many detractors point at my wealth and success and scoff !

They do ! Yes I know ! Why ? I will not be drawn today.

Let us focus on the new PCC Trophy.  6 years of competition involving some of the most famous golfing names in my telephone book.

It has been 6 years now since the inaugural competition in Portugal in 2016 in that sad year when we lost the great Pistol Peter, but the competition has been intense, exciting and, lets be honest, jolly good fun !

It is with great pleasure that I present the PCC Trophy to the world and we look forward to 2022 with hope for no more of this Asterisks Tour rubbish.

Bring it on ! “

And with that MK was off , surrounded as always by his glittering entourage and a couple of Bailiffs.


2022 PCC Competition Dates will be:

  • April 22 Bournemouth.

  • May 22 Portugal.

  • July 22 Kibworth (UK).

  • Sept 22 Bridlington.