Dear Dr Biff,

I am a big Star Wars fan and I recently went to see the new movie “The Force Awakens, Strikes Back and then Does Other Stuff”. What a film !

I think I spotted you in one scene on a space ship dressed as a Storm Trooper!

Was it you ?

My wife says that all the Storm Troopers look alike so how could I know it was you ? But She has no concept of “The Force” and she is also as thick as a door stop so come on Dr Biff give us the truth.

L. Skywalker – by e-mail.


Dear Luke,

Well spotted,

It was me but please keep it to yourself otherwise I will be overwhelmed with fan mail and film offers and as you know I am a bit to busy for that sort of shit at this time.

All the best.

Dr Biff.

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