Dear Uncle Nigel,

All this global warming stuff is really doing my head in. One minute it is sunny and the next my house has been washed away by a massive deluge. Mr Trump says there is no such thing as global warming but my wife says that he is a complete twat and our cat knows more than he does.

Honestly though what is going on ? I have been watching the BBC weather for some years and basically yes we get a lot of weather. Michael Fish knew all about the weather and look what happened to him !

Frank down the pub says that if the Atlantic Conveyor , which is the thing that makes the Gulf Stream works, stops, then we are all fucked cos it will really get cold in winter and too bloody hot in the summer. Frank also says that Moles can cause Athletes Foot !

Uncle Nigel we are concerned please help.


Annie Leonard – by e mail 




Dear Annie,

Fuck Off you Twat

PS: Nice green piece !


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