Dear Nigel,

I watched the TV last night and I was shocked to notice that ALL of our leaders were there bar one….Where were you?

There was that Scottish tart, the other Nigel twat, Cameroon, Clagg, One of the 4 Milliband brothers an Aussie Bird and some Welsh twonk (I think the last two must have wondered in off the street) but where were You??

My wife was very disappointed, she pointed out that our Democratic rights were somewhat abused by your absence and the essence of the Democratic spirit which she holds in such high esteem was wounded to a degree , until now, she had not experienced !

Personally I think she was completely off her tits on that Absinthe she has started drinking .

But the question remains! What is going on ? I think we should be told.

Dr S Blyburg – South Africa (Full name supplied by e mail)


“Nigel Says”

Dear Doctor,

Fuck Off You Twat!

 PS. I was in the pub, Twat!


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