Dear Uncle Nigel,

I and my wife are deeply troubled by the BBC TV series McMafia. We have now watched every episode and it would be an understatement if I said we are confused.


We were looking forward to a gritty tale of Scotland’s troubled underworld with some dark scenes of Scottish violence set against the backdrop of the slum streets of Glasgow, but no !

Not a bleedin Scotsman in site. What is going on at the BBC. All the bloody Russkies running around in posh cars smuggling drugs and shooting each others children, where is the fun in that !


My wife says that the BBC is full of left wing Trotskyites and McMafia was all about their Russian mates so they got all of the actors for half price. She may have a point, although nothing she has said has made sense for over 17 years now.


Vernon at the pub, who is an expert of Anglo – Russo affairs, says that this is a very accurate reflection of how organised crime works on a global scale.

Especially poignant, he points out, is the involvement of the state in the criminal process. To be fair after saying this he fell over and we didn’t see him again for a week, but he can be right on the money sometimes.


BBC hah ! What are they going to do next ?

“Tales of the Triads” filmed exclusively on The Isle of White !

For crying out loud Nigel, who can we turn too ???


Irwin Romell (Retired) – by e mail – full name and address supplied.


Dear Irwin,

Fuck Off you twat !!

PS- Always liked your Afrika Korps !




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