The first “UK”  Peter Crowhurst Celebration Competition was won in epic style by the talented Clive “Chip it in guv” Dearsley. With a 42 point round, his pure skill shone through beating 2nd place Roger Large by 3 shots.

3rd place man Mick Rushall commented: “Jammy bastard, call that skill, his middle name must be “Hartley’s”. Give me strength!”


The competition was marred slightly by the non appearance of Stewart “Biffa” Amos who mysteriously turned up at the wrong golf course.

“It could happen to anyone” His press agent later said. “It was all down to the bloody chauffeur we borrowed from MK Seve , he said he knew Kibworth well !!”


Longest drive went to Ian Waterhouse (He drove down from Lincolnshire so it was a no contest really.) and Dearsley and Kingey picked up the nearest the pin prizes.

The PCC will be contested next in Bridlington on 17 – 18 September when the 2016 PCC Portugal winner , the mighty Nigel Carby Esq will be defending his title.

pcc 02