The 8 Runners and Riders have been announced for the 2017 Portuguese Biggos Compos which, in 2017, will  include the 2nd Peter Crowhurst Celebration.


A spokes person from the tour sponsor SeveBet said “They all know who they are and so far there has been no withdrawals due to any specific or non specific reason !, although one player said he pulled out earlier to avoid a child……….and fell out of bed ! But don’t print that will you !”


“The flights are now booked for a 1st May afternoon flight to the Vilamoura courses with the competition proper commencing on Tuesday 2nd May”


“There are still decisions to be made on which course should be chosen as the 6th course – Faldo or O’Connor Jnr or the Vilamoura Roman Crazy Golf  Putt Putt  and a consensus will be reached in October.”

“Meanwhile there is much wrangling taking place on Tee times with some members of the tour angling for some early starts, these have not been popular recently due the popularity amoungst some of the players of lying in bed until midday complaining of headache and vomiting (surely shome mishtake!).”


SeveBet CEO, MK Seve, well known millionaire and philanthropist, with emphasis on the “Pist” commented

“I don’t know who stumped up the money for the flights but he must be a bit gullible ! But don’t print that will you!”