In the Yorkshire sunshine at Bridlington, Sir Micheal King has finally won the Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy. In a hard won struggle against 10 other finely honed athletes. Kingey stayed steady to take the Trophy by 2 points from The Big “K” and young professional Tony Bryan.

In a brief interview Sir Micheal was brief:

“Did you see those trees, and the greens were poor, the grass was not the correct green for this time of year and did I mention the tees ? . …….Personally I don’t like to go on about these things but the state of that bush on the 14th , unbelievable and the clouds, call that Cumulus Nimbus , but honestly……………………………..”

The PCC will be up for grabs next in Bournemouth in April 2020.


Sir Micheal accepts the PCC Trophy from the current holder Kevin “Big K” Shorrocks.

Mr Shorrocks’ Aide has asked for members of the public to not recognise Big K when they see this photograph for reasons of national security.


note: If those are your children being silly at the back can you please keep them under control, for crying out loud !