The Bridlington Admirals Cup competition was rocked to its foundations on Monday afternoon and it’s nothing to do with MK Seve’s Darcy Bussle dance floor moves!

Wild Boy Tony, formerly known as “Carby’s mate who has not broken his arm yet”, stepped up in the rain swept hallowed fairways of Hornsea Golf Club and swept all before him with a 29 point round of skill and judgement (surely luck and spawnyness ?) to come from second place to take the coveted Bridlington Admirals Cup.

In a dramatic round played in atrocious conditions (not for us northern folk you southern puff), Nigel Carby crumbled away in a pathetic , Ooooo… I’m in the trees, manner, with Mark and Kevin in hot, no wet and bedraggled , pursuit in 3rd and 4th places. The rest of the field were later arrested for impersonating golfers.

In the other competitions Nigel, Tony (again) Kevin and Mark were 1st to 4th in the Flamborough Head Banger and surprisingly “Pete The Crowhurst”, through a haze of cigarette smoke, was pipped by Mark who putted out top dog in the Hornsea Challenge.

After the prize giving Tony commented,

“Look I have know idea who these people are but Carby reckons we can get away with this for another 2 years as most of them have trouble remembering where they live let alone who they played golf with ! but don’t print that will you.”

Asked if his midnight fall was an attempt to break his arm in this year’s traditional  fashion , Tony commented,

“I had contemplated bowing out with a fractured Humerus but in actual fact the bedroom was so small I could not get enough purchase on the dado rail to hit the floor with any meaningful impact.”

“Will you be back next year ?”

“Whats it got to do with you , fat boy !”

Full results Here.