Big K Shorrocks, CEO of Shorrock’s Industries and sponsor of The Super Bock Handicap Steaks to be played in Portugal in May this year,  has announced that veteran competitor Max McDonough has decided to pull out of the tournament in order to spend more time in the snug bar at the George.

Taking Max’s place on the Tee will be Simon Locock well known local IT Expert, entrepreneur and keen Taxidermist.

Max was in good form at the hastily arranged press conference:

“After much consideration I have decided to miss this years Super Bock Steaks. Firstly I am fed up with giving Dearsley bloody money and, on a more thoughtful note, I think it is time I gave some of the other competitors a chance to win this prestigious competition.”

Simon Locock was not at the press conference but he did phone in to say a few words:


“Do I have to go ?”

MK Seve CEO of joint sponsor SEVE BET concluded the conference:

“We welcome young Simon, he is a fine competitor and I have it on good authority that  he is a “Big Hitter”.

I have already spoken with the green staff at the 3 courses and I can confirm that we will be installing a “Black” Championship Tee position especially for Simon.

On some holes this will add some 200 yards to the hole but to make it fair Simon will be equipped with a buggy which will allow him to drive , the 15 minutes or so, to his Tee box, it is the best we can do.”


The Super Bock Handicap Steaks will be played in Villamoura , Portugal on 15th , 16th and 18th May 2020.