Millionaire owner of SeveBet known affectionately by his admirers as simply “MK” is planning a record dash home to see his beloved Leicester play Everton in the pen ultimate game of the Premiership season on 7th May 2016.


MK, who will be playing golf in Portugal in the SeveBet sponsored “GolfOk Portuguese Openos”, is set to dash from the golf course to a private airfield where he will be met by his personal jet plane for the rush back to the UK.


The plan is for his helicopter, piloted by one of his many young ex model female pilots, to literally pluck him from the 18th green at The Faldo course in Amendoeira and fly the few miles to Faro airport. Here MK’s ex military Dasulte Mirage, as used by the Argentinian air force in the Falklands conflict, will be standing by on the run way to fly at mach 2 back to the UK. The fast jet will scream into Coventry airport where arrangements have yet to be made to get MK to The King Power stadium.


This is where the difficulties begin. MK’s vintage Peugeot will be parked up at Luton airport awaiting his return on a scheduled flight the following week, what other transport will be available is yet to be decided.

The most popular choice could be the 539 bus service which connects the airport with Pool Meadow Bus Station, from here a brisk walk or perhaps jog to the King Power may work, BUT, does this service run on a Friday evening ?

Other alternatives include the Line 48 bus, but at £8 this looks a little pricey !

MK’s executive team are currently working through the options at a furious pace as the logistics of this mercy dash are concluded.

Pistol Pete Crowhurst has volunteered his wife Alison to drive down and pick MK up at the airport but others have pointed out that when this happened last time “Ali” got quite violent and refused to mess about with Pete’s “Stupid mates” whilst Coronation Street was on !


This saga will of course continue for some time as the plans are finalised.

One thing is for sure MK will be in the stands ready for the 3.00 pm kick off, or was it 12.00 ???


MK himself says ” The arrangements will be finalised in time, I have great confidence in my team. What I have forgotten to tell them is that I want to go back to Portugal as soon as the final whistle has blown. This may prove difficult as they have given all the Pilots the afternoon off, stupid twats!”


SeveBet and MK are both registered trade marks of the Kowal Corporation.