Big news in the travel industry today as MK Seve CEO of SeveBet launches his new global travel company SeveTravel. Pitched at the old geezers market SeveTravel will be a premium travel service company with an eye on the golfing holiday business.

Asked how he thought the brand would be developed chairman and CEO MK was upbeat:

“Look this is an exciting moment for us at SeveTravel, only today I have launched our inaugural holiday which happens to be a prestigious Portuguese golf tour. I have been heavily involved myself in the setting up of the operation and we fully expect the business to grow over the next few months.

My executive team are well on the case, we are already looking at flights, hotels, ferries and an international agenda. This is not your 10 days in Bridlington you know this is proper big holiday stuff, aeroplanes, suitcases, passports all that stuff you know !”

There seemed to be some issues as the press conference continued and MK was asked about ATOL protection:

“We are fully aware of the protection issues and we obviously advocate the use of condoms and sun cream to all of our customers”

SeveTravel are positioning themselves to sponsor the Portugal Tour in May 2018 :

“This is a prestigious event, not your pissing about on the crazy golf at Scarborough, it is proper golf ! We see this as a vehicle to develop our core business, money is no object for  the Kowal Corporation at this time, we haven’t paid any tax for ages, but don’t print that will you”.

SEVEBET and SEVETRAVEL are registered trade marks of the Kowal Corporation.