In the true spirit of America First, well known Billionaire and 2021 Presidential candidate MK Seve today announced a major break through in his drive for better transportation.

Speaking from his penthouse suite in the centre of Rugby MK was ebullient:

“This deal is a major breakthrough in the transportation revolution which is the bedrock of my policy in this area. A mini bus , no a  Mega Bus , but a small one, dedicated to moving the 8 players from MK Towers to Birmingham airport is a major contribution to freedom and equality for the masses.

At £20 a head there and back what more can we ask for. Friends, fellow players I put it to you that this is the way forward. No more messing about trying to remember where the car is, or what sort of car it was. No more driving around Luton in the early hours wondering if the whole trip is worthwhile.

This is what we need in this day and age. Comfort, well seats possibly , I did not go into detail, but definitely a dedicated mini bus, no other passengers , well maybe the drivers wife and daughter as apparently they will need picking up from school and shopping but, this will not cost a penny more.”


Full details of the newly negotiated arrangements are still to be announced but sources say that it was a hard fought deal and one which many other nations would have really loved to have been able to secure.

MK Seve and his team were apparently exhausted after the negotiations and MK himself along with his close inner circle have immediately flown to Seville in Spain, probably, to rest and recuperate.