Fed up with computers? Don’t like mobile phones? Apps Baps ?

Welcome to Mucker Bet………On line Betting with no Computer.

This is how it works..

Simply put £50 in cash in an envelope addressed to:

Mucker Bet

Po Box 21

Tanin 201456



Once you have posted your stake all you have to do is

“Think” really hard about your bet,

for instance

“Man U to draw with Chelsea 1-1”

and then just wait for your winnings to flood in.

Our highly trained operatives have M.T.P (Mucker Telepathetic Powers) which allow them to pick up your powerful thinking and take your bet.

When you win we will automatically credit your account. When your account reaches £200,000 we will call round with the money.

No Problem!

The Odds are automatically calculated using the famous “Mucker MTU” method which is guaranteed to give you the best odds.

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No credit card or credit rating needed.

Win Now with Mucker Bet……….Its Bloody Easy Sunbeam!