This is it !


The Portugal 2020 Tee Times and courses were announced today by an excited MK Seve from his Blackpool Penthouse:

“We at SEVE Travel believe in planning ahead, we don’t want any of that Baku Champions League cock up stuff and so I can today announce the courses and Tee times for the 2020 Competitions.


As you will see next year we will be playing the treacherous O’Connor Jnr course for the first time, last time we were in that neck of the woods we lost 3 men to Swamp Fever, but lets not talk about that now.


I can also announce that Shorrocks Industries under the superb leadership of Big K Shorrocks himself have confirmed that the Super Bock Handicap Steaks will be held at Vale Da Pinta and Vila Sol.


At this early stage we are not sure exactly who the players will be but we are hoping for some golfers rather than the shower who turned up in May !”



Click Here for Flyover of O’Connor Jnr Course.Flyover of