Flamboyant and stylish was the order of the day as Stewart “Biffa” Amos stepped out onto the tee at Pinhal Golf Club on Tuesday 2nd May 2017.

As last man in the field for the last 2 years Biffa was not feeling as confident as he would have liked but after an opening 9 holes of 15 points (3 over par) he kicked into gear. The back 9 fell at his feet in complete surrender as he powered in 22 points giving him a 7 shot lead over 2nd place Hoppy Dearsley.

Day 2 followed in style as Biffa burnt up Millennium with 39 points  a championship record giving him what the pundits correctly predicted to be at the time “An unassailable lead !”.

The rest of the tournament unfolded with Michael “Oh look more trees have grown” King in championship form which came just to late to stop Dr Biff.

On the last day Vila Sol took its toll with scorched fairways but The Biff hung on to claim a deserved victory.

Mick “Slop” Rushal put in a stalwart performance as ever  claiming 3rd place with a severely handicapped Uncle Nigel gallantly running in on last place having made his single figure debut a work of art, or is that fart (surely not !).

Mick Rushal comments

“Biff played a blinder, if he had played any better his head would have fallen off ! Oh it did did it, no one told me ?”

Monty von Monty, he of the broken chair and hedgerow penchant, did not fulfill his Par 3 potential and only finished the Laguna experience through the grace of passers by who persuaded him not to swim back to the club house from the 12th Tee.

Last years winner Lord Chilly was magnanimous in his  failure to defend the coveted crown:

” Well, look, Biff…… He is young . He is learning the game. He is inexperienced … Lets face it what the fu.k does he know. Nuffin that’s what! But the boy done good ! “

Next years championship has now been scheduled for 8th May 2018 – looking forward to it ? Bettcha bleedin life sunbeam !!