Led by their sublime Captain President MK Seve the mighty Concessionaires have triumphed in the clash of the year. In a fiercely fought battle over 5 gruesome days the Concessionaires took the trophy and the wine on the final day round a grueling Vila Sol.

Delinquents Captain Lord Chilly of Uzerlam spoke in a meaningful manner:

“It is with a sad heart that I look over at those old bastards, look at them ! Some day we will be like that !”

After some shaking of fists and mumbling the Delinquents dug deep into their pockets and the wine flowed with generosity and full bodied celebration.

MK Seve spoke humbly:

“Bloody twats. Young scoundrels! Pah Humbug! My team were fantastic , I led them like a Lion ! We thrashed the young pretenders ! But I must say it was a fine contest, no gouging, no rabbit punches (well a few) and no kicking the opponents ball in the lagoon, that’s right out. We look forward to another victory in 2018 if the boy Trump hasn’t fucked the whole world by then.”

This brings the scores, over the past 4 years to 2 victories each so next year is a grudge year and the stakes will be high !