Recently elected as life long President by a massive and undisputed majority MK Seve speaks:

Well done to all the players, the standard of golf was average this year apart from two. Mike King led the courageous chase to catch the eventual winner but Biff, from Leicester, was just too good for everybody.

Congratulations to Stewart Amos in lifting the coveted Portugese Trophy. Well deserved after hitting a world record 39 on day 2.

The speed, need and greed of some players when the “kitty” became available was disgusting to see. The presentation day was hi-jacked by boorish behaviour, something we have sadly got used to. Two “kittys” next year may be the answer or maybe just forget the whole idea.

The speed, need and greed of Oceanico in their ugly corporate quest to charge brutal prices for rounds of golf only goes to enhance the Portugese character. I think the winds of change are blowing and I for one would like to move on.

Not surprisingly, considering the available alcohol, no other venues were discussed from the supplied brochures. There are plenty of great venues, USA, France, Tenerife, Turkey and South Africa catch the eye.

Our hard working fixture secretary Clive is trying to arrange a package to Portugal next year through a few contacts. If it becomes ridiculously costly there are plenty of good value packages as an alternative.

The week was successful for a few and enjoyable for most.

Here’s to next year.”

Full 2017 results still to come.