Out of the Lock Down Blues comes a ray of hope as the Portugal 2021 Tour dates are announced by SEVE BET and Shorrocks Industries !


“I can now announce that the 2021 Portugal Tour dates will be Tuesday 4th May until Wednesday 12th May 2021 !”

says an ebullient MK Seve , CEO of SEVE BET.


“This is just the news we need after the disappointment of no Portugal tour this year but my team are on the case and as soon as Big “K” Shorrocks confirms the Shorrocks industries’ tour details the full 2021 competition schedule can be published.”


“Planning is also under way for the restart of Tuesday Golf  next week but our plans are being curtailed by the greed and avarice of the golf clubs involved.

Not since the opening of my own offshore manufacturing establishments have I seen such capitalistic profiteering !



Other good news is that the UK Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy will be up for grabs very soon. The competition will be on Friday 31st July, Pete’s birthday, and will be held at Kibworth Golf Club, but this date and venue is still to be confirmed.”



Big K Shorrocks was not available for comment, rumour has it that he is still traumatised following his epic return journey from Portugal through Spain and France. “

Big “K” Shorrocks leading his epic expedition across mainland Europe.


More news right here as it happens !