“It’s Big Jim !” was the cry as the 2022 Portugal Tour Press Conference got underway announcing the complex business of Competitions , Prize Money and Handicaps.

Hoppy Dearsley , Global Competition Director , presided as the details were revealed:

“In simple terms, everything is the same as 2019.” Dearsley announced. “But on the other hand there are a few differences !”

“This year the Super Bock Handicap Steaks will be played over 3 days at Pinta, Laranjal and O’Connor with increased prize pot and slightly changed handicap rules otherwise the competitions, designed to give everyone an opportunity to grasp some winning dosh, are the same as 2019 when the Portugal Tour was last staged.” continues Dearsley.

“The ever popular Concessionaires  Cup , which pitches the more mature players against the young bucks continues in 2022. This competition, which has been played since 2014 , is currently held by the Mighty Concessionaires who coasted to victory in 2019 and lead 5 / 2 in the series.”

“Also the Trevino Vino Medal round, originally introduced by Sir Michael King in 2016, will be played on the final day of the Tour at Pinhal Golf Club. This is because of the extended Super Bock Steaks schedule.”

“The prize fund basically remains the same as it has over the past 5 years but with an increase of 10 Euros for the Super Bock Steaks entry fee as we have an extra round.”

“Nearest the Pin on every Par 3 continues with a prize fund of 60 Euros for the 12 Par 3’s on the Big Tour and 70 Euros for the Super Bock 14 Par 3’s. Daily prize money continues paying 1st , 2nd and 3rd to compensate those whose victory brings handicap penalties.””

“Also by popular demand The Conference Pears, Par 3 Challenges and Best Scores on the Par 5’s continue.”

“The Handicap rules remain the same, apart from an increase to 54 in the maximum allowed handicap (to comply with WHS rules), as successfully adopted during the **Asterisks** Tours of 2020 and 21 which resulted in just 17 points between 1st and 7th place , (that’s just 3 points each round) ,8th place man Tony Bryan’s left leg was blown off in high winds and so he did not complete the final day.”

“It has been 2 years since the Portugal Tour was played and many pundits and golf commentators and even some players have forgotten who the big money winners were back in those halcyon days.”


LEST WE FORGET !  The big winners of 2018 and 2019 !

In conclusion Hoppy Dearsley commended the Competitions and Handicap Rules to the ensembled group.

“I would like to invite any of the Competitors who have sensible and non abusive suggestions which would further enhance the 2022 competitions to bring the suggestions forward so that they can be completely ignored discussed and adopted if deemed to enhance the Tour experience.”


Health and Safety Note:

There is quite a large amount  of information set out here so it is recommended that players should read slowly with plenty of breaks and alcohol should be avoided at all costs during the information intake process.

If you break out in a wild rage whilst reading , lie down immediately and take your regular medication.

Under no circumstances should you start writing bollocks on Whatsap .

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