In an astonishing announcement at today’s press conference SEVEBET CEO MK Seve  set out plans for the Portugal Tour to be held on the Moon !


“My people have been looking into this possibility for some time now” said MK to eagerly awaiting journalists.

It seems that no one has thought of this in the past but lets face it the Moon is a big place, plenty of room for multiple golf courses, hotels and restaurants, what’s the problem ?

This Coronavirus stuff cannot survive without oxygen and stuff so that’s the first problem solved.

All we need is a few space ships, some good golf course construction engineers, bit of food and drink and away we go.

With no gravity or air the ball will go bloody miles, we are looking at 14 mile par 3’s and 234 mile par 5’s it will be fantastic !”


At this point a Journalist pointed out that there are definitely not enough space ships to take all the stuff needed and even if there were the costs , risk and time to make this a reality would all be astronomical !


“Fair enough” responded MK and left the building.


A spokesperson later said that MK was having a lie down but would be back with further possibilities for the Portugal Tour later.