In a shock move today MK Seve CEO of Seve Travel has awarded a major transport contract to a Slovenia based transport company Ljubljana Travel Inc. who, allegedly , at this time, have no buses !

In an earlier statement MK spoke of his concerns:

“Basically we have to get to the airport. In a no deal situation where the M1 is completely grid locked, the queue for passport control stretches to Bedford, what happens ?


I challenged my people to “just get us to Portugal !”.


This is not a panic measure , this is what I would call contingency planning.

These lads maybe from Slovenia but they are skilled in moving people from A to B.

Most of my work force have travelled to the UK with this particular organisation.

They will do cross channel, Turkey, Syria so a little jaunt to Faro, even if there are no planes flying will be a doddle !”


Some of the left wing gutter press have pointed out that the chosen organisation currently have no buses or transport of any kind !

I laugh at their stupidity , this is a “Just In Time” business.

They are so efficient that they will appropriate the required resources just in time for whatever contract they are fulfilling. This is normal practice, as used by the Soviet forces in WW2 to great effect.

I have full confidence in our new partners delivering !


They have told me that they will keep me and the members of my team fully informed on progress at regular update meetings at least once every two months !”

Reference was made by one of the press gathered at the news conference, to the SEVE Travel contract with the Premier Football league to deliver players to their new UK clubs , but MK had already left the building.


Ljubljana Travel “Appropriation” Director steals  takes delivery of a new truck round the back of Rugby station earlier in the week.